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Top advantages of immigrating to the United States

Each year, millions of people immigrate to different countries. But, most of the applications are for immigrating to the United States. Being the most advanced nation in terms of technology, job opportunities, education, and more, the U.S. has become the dream place to live for most people. Each person moves to the United States for their own reasons such as work or a better life for their children. Many youngsters immigrate for educational purposes. If you’re considering to obtain an immigration visa like work, family immigration, or business, you must consult the best immigration attorney of Miami.


There are people who migrate to the country to fulfill their dreams as the United States is the hub of fashion, film and IT. Most people think that the U.S. is a better place to live. Besides these, education and the law system of the country attracts many foreign nationals to move here. With the craze to migrate to the U.S.A, some people enter the country illegally.

Read further to learn more about the advantages of immigrating to the United States

Endless job opportunities – The United States offer countless job opportunities in different sectors, and most people with advanced degrees try to immigrate to the country for employment.

Better education system – The good education system of the United States is the major attraction for foreign nationals to get an entry. Therefore, every year, thousands of students move to the country with the aim to complete their education because they feel America has more career opportunities after completing their education.

Besides education, most people immigrate to the country to enjoy the freedom they get here. Especially, people from underdeveloped countries, choose America for better lives and to escape from poverty. In a similar way, the country also opens up its doors for people to practice their religions. There are many people who move to America to reunite with their family members who have settled in the U.S. long ago, and they get a chance to immigrate through a family-sponsored immigration visa.
Although the United States has numerous positive speculations, there are some negatives as well. If you’re planning to apply for the U.S. immigration, make sure you’re well-versed with both. For this reason, you must hire an experienced lawyer to help you throughout the immigration process. Are you searching for the best immigration law firm in Miami? Contact Wildes & Weinberg(212) 753-3468.


Hiring An Immigration Lawyer Can Make A Difference

Planning to get immigrate to the United States. It is a daunting task that should be done very carefully. Hiring an immigration lawyer in New York can somehow easy the process. He will help you understand the formalities and in addition, will guide you the way to complete the formalities for a successful immigration.


Almost all the migration approaches are outlined and created keeping in mind the needs of the nation. Also, besides they continue changing time by time. You can simply get the most recent immigration guidelines and insights with respect to the process and eligibility by hiring an immigration lawyer.


A good immigration attorney will dependably have the cutting-edge data about the immigration approaches of the country set by the legislature. He/She will give you the required documentation about the New York immigration with the goal that you can contemplate it and see yourself what are the conceivable issues included in the immigration.


Gathering data for New York immigration is a cerebral pain and this is the reason why many time individuals do neglect to collect the information related to the immigration process. In such a case hiring an immigration attorney can prove to be of great help.


Many individuals usually opt to complete immigration formalities such as filing the forms and presenting the extra duplicates of documents independently without contact any of the immigration lawyers for the same. Doing so most of the times result in a noteworthy disappointment. It is possible that you may miss some immigration document and may do some normal mistakes while filling the documents, thus delaying the process.


An immigration lawyer will let you know correctly which component are to be filled in the application, how to better present your data inside the documentation, what record to append with the application, and so on.  In addition, he/she will audit your document so they are accurate and there are least chances of disappointment or dismissal.

Immigration Lawyer For U.S. Work Visa And Immigration Matters

The process of immigration entails a lot of formalities including a great amount of paperwork. Rather than handling this complex procedure and immigration application on your own, it is best if you enlist the services of a reliable immigration lawyers based in Los Angeles. There are many advantages of hiring an immigration lawyer for your case instead of general immigration agencies. Choosing the immigration attorney is essential for your case to be presented in the court in the most favorable way. Following are some of the aspects for choosing an immigration lawyer:



The immigration lawyer you hire for your case should have good standing and a series of strong referrals from people you know. The website of their law firm should have good ratings and testimonials from their previous clients. Getting feedback from the old clientele can help you perceive the true potential of your lawyer.


After you have checked the reputation of the lawyer, what’s next? The immigration attorney you hire should have expertise in the same field of immigration case that is concerned with you. It can be:

  • Deportation
  • Employment
  • Asylum
  • Family
  • Marriage immigration


These specialties have their own set of rules and having expertise in your particular immigration case, makes the chances of winning stronger. Therefore, ensure that your immigration attorney is well experienced in the particular sub specialty of immigration law. The immigration laws of U.S. are one of the most complex ones, therefore, go for the lawyers who practice only in the field of immigration law.

And nothing would be more better if the law firm you select is listed in the American Immigration Lawyers Association, which is a renowned national association with licensed lawyers having good reputations as its members. Make sure that the lawyer is available to take your phone calls and is responsive to your texts and emails regarding the status of your case.

How Hiring An Immigration Lawyer Can Benefit Your Case?

America is one of the countries with the highest immigration rates. It is a country where people from all over the world come to work and settle. And Miami is one of many American cities that have higher numbers of immigrants.

If you have also decided to immigrate to U.S., whether on a temporary visa or permanent visa, then you need to take every step with caution as a single mistake can lead to visa rejection.

Understanding America’s immigration law is difficult as it is quite complex. This is why keeping an expert attorney on your side is essential. Here are a few reasons that explain the benefit of hiring an immigration practitioner in Miami

  • An attorney will help you understand all rules and regulations of the American immigration law.
  • They will guide you throughout the process of visa application and help you to complete the essential formalities.
  • A lawyer will review your application carefully and provide various immigration options that will help you select the best visa according to your qualifications and requirements.
  • Chances of visa rejection will reduce, as an attorney will be there to guide you throughout the process.
  • Not only a lawyer will guide you through the visa paper formalities, but will also make you prepare for the USCIS interviews.
  • In case, your application was rejected earlier, your attorney will explain you the reason behind it. They will also help you fix those errors, so that you could get your visa approved the next time you apply.
  • An attorney can be a true support for an immigrant who was ever involved in a crime or have an infectious disease. The lawyer will guide you well, make you understand the laws, your rights and obligations before proceeding with the case.

When searching for a reliable immigration lawyer in Miami, make sure you choose wisely. List down the names of all renowned attorneys, conduct interview with ones you have short-listed and then make your decision. And, do not forget to ask questions like their experience, types of cases handled in the past, credibility etc.

What difference occurs after hiring an immigration law firm?

Obtaining visa is not an easy job, especially when you are not aware with the immigration rules and regulations. Despite how hard you try to fulfill the visa formalities, you surely will miss out something or the other that can lead to denial of immigration petition.

Rejection can cause problems in future when you try to reapply for the visa process. This is where you need to be bit alert and take few precautions beforehand.

Hiring of Miami immigration law firm is an ideal solution, if you do not want to face visa denial.

Hiring immigration lawyer can bring a big difference to your immigration procedure. If you wonder how, then read on the following document to get answer for your doubt.

  • A lawyer is very well aware with all the rules and regulations of immigration. He can explain you about the procedure in most appropriate way.
  • Any faults or ineligibility criteria obstructing your way can be turned into your favor by help of lawyer. This is because he will be familiar with the pitfalls and would better know how to solve those loopholes.
  • All the immigration documentation would be completed with you under the guidance of lawyer. Thus, there is no chance of missing out on any documents or evidences that are must for visa approval.
  • If not having fluency in English you can lose your chance to convince visa embassy. Thus lawyer can prove to be a true supporter as this point of time. They will let you know how to explain your views to embassy and help represent your views in front of them.
  • Based on the visa criteria and your eligibility, lawyer will let you known which type of visa is best for you that will make your dream come true of immigration.
  • At times of visa rejection, lawyer can help you out in reviewing your form and assist you in better that will help fix your problem, which led to visa rejection.

Hence, hiring of immigration law firm in Miami can prove to be helpful for you. Be it legal advice, help required for completion of visa form, any requirements to obtain visa and preparation done for the interview session with visa authorities. A law firm can help you out in all these aspects. So, do not take a risk and take help of immigration experts.

How can you invest in U.S. and obtain green card?

Obtaining green card of the United States is not easy. But, investing $1 million in a business in U.S. can help make dream come true of getting green card of U.S.

Under EB-5 immigrant visa, an immigrant can become the green card holder of U.S. The holder can also obtain green card for their spouse and children, as well.

In order to obtain this visa, there are certain norms and conditions of EB-5 visa, that is as follows-

Capital investment
Under this visa process, investor requires to invest capital amount of $500,000 or $1 million. The least amount that is required to be invested in a project is $500,000. Another factor that needs to be considered with capital is location of project where it needs to be started. It is the rural area where unemployment rate is high.

The capital invested should also be in form of cash, inventory, equipment, tangible property, assets, cash equivalents etc. Besides these mentioned modes, investor cannot invest money in any other form.

Job creation
The business started by means of EB-5 visa should be able to create jobs for at least 10 U.S. workers. If this term is not fulfilled, then then there are lower chances if visa to be approved. The jobs are important to create within the two years of time when submitted the document.

New commercial enterprise
In agreement to above aspects, other reasons that are necessary to consider starting commercial enterprise include-
It should be a new project
It should be a commercial venture
The company should not be solely for proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, corporation, holding company, a business trust, or other entity.

Managing the new commercial enterprise
Investing is not the only job of investor, indeed he needs to manage the business as well. The investor need to be a part of the business via managerial control or via should mange higher authority like post of CEO.

From the above information, you must have got an idea what all aspects you need to keep in mind while making investment in U.S. to start a new business venture.

To obtain more information about EB-5 visa, you must contact immigration lawyer in Miami or elsewhere. They can guide and explain you better about the visa process, indeed help you successfully obtain the visa and green card.