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Why models should consider the O-1 visa?

The glamours and the fast-moving fashion world is one the major components in the field of immigration law. Every year numerous talented fashion models from across the world come to the United States with a dream of taking their careers to the next level. The U.S. is the largest and most dynamic fashion and media market of the world. The O-1 Visa is the best way for foreign nationals having phenomenal abilities in their field to see their dreams come into reality. There are numerous Best Immigration lawyers in New Jersey, specializing in assisting clients from all over the world to get this critical visa. So if you are a model and considering to migrate to US for a successful future, make sure you hire a reliable immigration lawyer.

best immigration law firm in New York

best immigration law firm in New York

Here are the reasons for considering O-1 visa:

While there are various options of non-immigrant business visa to choose from, the O-1 Visa is best for models and actors for many reasons.

  • No-degree needed – Almost all business visas require certain certifications or degrees, but the same is not applicable for an O-1 visa. This visa doesn’t require any degree certification. The primary requirements for an O-1 visa is that you should have proofs for your achievements in modeling or acting.
  • Designed specifically for talented individuals – The O-1 visa is specifically created for people having exceptional abilities or achievements in the cinema, television, arts, fashion, sports, and more. Therefore, the visa process is comparatively easier than other business visas that may not support the different specification that applies to models, actors, and other artistic or creative professionals.
  • No maximum stay – There is no maximum stay on this visa. Initially, O-1 visa holders can be granted a stay of up to three years and they can get an indefinite number of one-year extensions for as much as the time they require to complete their project or job.
  • No need to have a job in advance – Unlike many other visas, candidates or contingent are require to have a job secured before applying. The O-1 visa can be granted without formal employment.
  • You can sponsor your family – There is an advantage in this visa that your spouses and children under 21 can get the O-3 Visa to join the O-1 Visa holder as long as they stay in the U.S.

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ICE and its effects on the immigrants

The immigration crisis in US is not over. The outrage over the separation of the immigrants families is continuing despite President Trump’s order. The protestors are joined by celebrities and democratic politicians who are asking the Trump administration to abolish ICE and help the immigrant families. The leading immigration attorneys in New York advice the immigrant families to consult an immigration lawyer and understand the different ways to get permanent residence in the country.


What is ICE?

Created in 2003, ICE or US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was the first line of defence after 9/11 terrorist attacks. The agency employs more than 20,000 people. It absorbed the function of defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service and the United States Customs Service.

What does ICE do?

ICE is not the agency that is responsible for patrolling the borders, nor it is the agency who is responsible for for separating the families. This task is the responsibility of the Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP). The CBP agents have the power to enforce the zero tolerance policy and separate the families.

Responsibility of ICE

ICE is responsible for Enforcement and Removal Operations. It locates and deports the illegal immigrants who have already crossed the borders and are living in the country. Under former President Obama, the Ice remove the illegal immigrants who had committed crime but President Trump has broadened its horizons are are immigrating anyone in US illegally.

Why is ICE controversial?

President trump in January last year signed the executive order to increase the staffing of the agency by 10,000 agents. He also increased the powers of the agency.

The reason because ICE agents along with protestors believe it to be abolished is because of its multipart structure. Dure to the immigration crackdown, the agency is unable to perform deep and effective investigation in the national security issues. With its full focus on immigration the annual arrests have soared since January last year from 110,568 in 2016 to 143,470. DEspite this, the figures are still below the amount of arrest made under President Obama.

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