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Some Points to Tell If an Immigration Lawyer Is Lying to You

It’s good to choose an expert and professional while choosing an immigration lawyer. This is something that varies regularly and an expert in immigration laws will stay informed of all the knowledge as well as specifications.


But the main question is that – what should you do before hiring an immigration lawyer? It is very important to choose it wisely because you are spending so much of money and most importantly your time. If you are not choosing a good one, then definitely it will cost you more as your time as well as the money both will be wasted.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the reasons that can prove that your lawyer is fooling you or making false promises. Here it proceeds-

  • One of the biggest lies is if your immigration lawyer is giving assurance that proceedings will move to your side. If you are applying for an immigrant visa, then you must be eligible for that for the particular country. Because the application goes to the immigration authority and the ultimately it will represent you in your application.


  • An attorney that advertises a hundred percent guarantee in any immigration case is actually telling you the pure lie in an open way. Whereas the job of an immigration lawyer is to tell you all the options of the immigration process. An attorney can not tell your case’s outcome and can’t guarantee the 100% succession rate in the approval.


  • A lawyer who encourages you to lie on your case is not an ethical lawyer at all. In actual it may put you in the trouble and also results into disapproval of the application. The government of the United States is very tough and they take it very sincerely. If they found you false, then they may deport you and you may not receive another opportunity to appeal for PR.


  • A lawyer may lie for his/ her background and qualification also. So, before hiring just check the criminal record and must check the feedback on his/her official website.

So, before paying anyone for your immigration process, it is wise to check their credentials. Rather becoming a victim of these fraud lawyers just do the proper investigation before hiring them. Best Immigration Lawyers in NJ are the one who can give you the best advice and process your application in the right and legal way.


Some Effective Ways to Prevent Deportation

When you are going to become an American resident, there are various legal difficulties that you might face while applying for the visa or for the green card. You can tackle these things by hiring the best immigration lawyers in NJ.


Today, a very popular concern among people living in the United States is deportation. This issue gains its concern when there is any change in politics or in administration. Many people lose hope and feel like they have no option and no way. So it is important to understand the significance of other options.

For sure, deportation is a very serious matter, but there are many ways that can be used to prevent the deportation. To prevent the deportation follow the step-by-step procedure which can be very useful for an individual. The key point is to understand that you can’t prevent deportation own your own.

There are separate levels and procedures that work best in avoiding deportation. Below are a few guidelines that can help you do so.

Ways to prevent deportation-

Apply for asylum-

  • First of all, choose an attorney who can represent you legally. Choosing an attorney will definitely provide you the best legal advice in this legal interest.
  • The best immigration Law Attorney NJ are well versed in the ins and escapes of deportation laws, so they can be able to notice the small articles you avoided.
  • Moreover, they are qualified and examined in saving you where you desire to be. A step the experienced attorney can tell you to take is to apply for the asylum. There are various asylum attorneys that act particularly to advise you to do to stay in the country.
  • Petitioning for asylum implies that considered you as a refugee from the home country, and the United States is holding you secure.

Select a lawyer and work out the best fit-

  • This step suggests that rather following a particular procedure, just hire a deportation attorney. Let them handle the case in their own way. As they are professionals and know all the ways as well as all the laws that are required to handle in these cases.
  • Once you the best attorney, one will have the smoothest process in the long run. Possibly, this step works best to stop the deportation.

If you want more information on this topic one can contact or hire the best immigration law attorney in New Jersey.