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When Do You Need to Seek Legal Advice From An Immigration Attorney

Immigration lawyers understand the law, help you analyze your own rights and guide you through every step of the complex immigration process. It can be complex and time consuming in the process of applying for citizenship.

If you have committed of any crime USCIS forms asks about it and you will be fingerprinted if you want to immigrate. A lawyer helps you submit the suitable documentation to prove your case in court and provide legal advice about a person’s ability.

Here are the reasons you may need to seek a legal advice from an immigration attorney:

  • If your previous applications have been denied:  The attorney will help you in this case and determine the reasons of denial. They will find the remedy and make your application valid.
  • If you have attempted the process on your own and cannot find the next step:  The immigration process is complicated, and you may hire attorney if you have reached the limits of your patience.  In many instances, it is better to hire an attorney rather than manage and cause delay in your immigration process.
  • Obtaining a visa or green card based on an employment offer: If you are applying for visa or green card on employment basis, but your prospective employer is not handling the immigration process. The process may become quite complicated.  Lengthy delays may occur due to failure in following the procedures.
  • If you have filed your immigration form and have been waiting for a long for the response: In many cases, a well-established immigration attorney will coordinate with USCIS personnel that can make easy a timely response of your application will check the status of your application.

Choose a reputed immigration attorney firm with whom you feel comfortable to discuss the details and who has experience with cases similar to yours.