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Why To Choose An Immigration Lawyer For Your Case

Getting a permission to immigrate is a difficult task for everyone, due to the many restrictions and limits on who is accepted in the country. The permission can be denied if the individual has not completed the form or sent off their details in the wrong manner.

If you are living in Miami, looking for someone who can represent your immigration case, you can choose between an immigration lawyer or an immigration practitioner in Miami. There are certain situations where it becomes necessary to hire a lawyer or practitioner:

  •    If an applicant has been convicted of a crime:  Nearly all USCIS forms ask whether the applicant has been convicted of a crime. The applicant should reveal their entire criminal record, even for charges that were dropped. Immigration lawyers always understand how immigration and criminal law overlap.
  •    Prior immigration applications have been denied:  You should inform your immigration lawyer if the immigration application has been denied anytime. They can also tell if it is possible to apply for the application anytime later in the future.
  •    If the person has previously been excluded from entry into particular state: Sometimes deportation means that the person is permanently disqualified from future applications.
  •    If an applicant has a medical condition:  Some medical conditions may prevent a person from obtaining entry into the state.
  •    If the applicant is seeking an employment-based visa, but the employer is not assisting with immigration issues:  It can be a quite complicate process for an employment based visa. An immigration lawyer will ensure that future employers are fulfilling their obligations to future immigrant workers.

Immigration practitioners are a way to get your forms done in the right manner and submitting of documents at the right time.


Married to a US Citizen? Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For The Green Card

Love knows no boundaries. It is a common saying that sounds true for many American citizens who marry foreign nationals. However, there will be boundaries between you and your wife or husband if you do not tread carefully in the immigration process.

Here are some common mistakes when applying for green card after marriage.

Not ensuring that your marriage legal – Before applying for your green card, you need to make sure that your marriage is legal. Usually, people fail to ensure that they are free to marry, which means that they are not still married to someone. In case of a divorce, it is vital to prove that it has been officially completed. In case of a death, appropriate certificate is needed according to federal laws.

In addition, the marriage should be legal in the state such as New Jersey and country where it took place. Applicants also need to submit the evidence of valid marriage. It includes a marriage certificate that is issued by a government agency.

Not paying attention to the current immigration status – Applicant’s immigration status is checked when they apply for a green card. And, this is where many make mistakes. You must make sure that you are eligible to apply under immigration status category. The applicant should not have entered the United States illegally. On the other hand, if one had overstayed in the country after visa time period was over, it can cause problems for them.

You need to make sure that everything is in order and your application is completed properly to get green card and live with your US citizen wife/husband in the country. Remember that, if you are denied green card, you may be placed in removal proceedings to face deportation charges (depending on situation and your immigration status).

You can also contact an immigration law firm in Los Angeles to get professional legal advice.