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5 Important Questions you Must Ask Your Immigration Attorney

Choosing a reputed immigration lawyer is one of the most important decisions that you need to make. Because of the number of attorneys available, it becomes difficult to choose the best immigration attorney in Los Angeles.

There are a number of things that you need to consider such as education, reputation, qualification before hiring the legal counsel.

  1. How long the lawyer has been practicing immigration law?
    Always make sure to choose a lawyer that has years of experience working in the field. There is no substitute for experience. It s important that the attorney you choose should have good experience and clear understanding of all the laws. You can even talk to the former clients and know about the lawyer’s background and credentials.
  2. Are they a member of AILA?
    AILA, also known as the American Immigration Lawyers Association is a national organization where the attorneys and law professors practice or teach immigration law. So, it is always better to choose a lawyer who is a member of the particular organization.
  3. What is their service fee and the best estimate of the total cost?
    Confirm the type of payments that the lawyers accept (paper money, credit card etc). Ask for the overall cost and check if there is a way to minimize the total cost or not.
  4. Can they provide you with     references of past client?
    Any reputed and successful immigration attorney will not hesitate to provide you the references. References can give you more clear idea about the lawyer, his nature, way of doing their work and whether the lawyer has enough knowledge to handle your case
  5. Will the attorney provide you a written agreement?
    Every layer will provide you some kind of verbal agreement but apart from verbal agreement make sure that the lawyer prepares some sort of agreement in writing which should include the details of the work, cost etc.



If you ensure to ask all the aforementioned questions, you can surely end up finding the best immigration attorney in your area.