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Visa Waiver Program – Your Possible Way To America

Do you know about the visa waiver program of the United States? No? If you desire to immigrate to America, in cities like Los Angeles, then it is a program that you should surely know about. First, you need to know what visa waiver is all about? It is a program in which the US government allows citizens of specific countries entry to the United States without obtaining a visa.

However, it is allowed only for tourism, business, or while in transit and for up to 90 days only. So, foreign nationals who are citizens of those selected countries can enter the country without a visa. The United States government has selected 38 countries that include Sweden, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Japan, Iceland, Switzerland, France, Belgium and so on.

All these nations have high-income economies as well as a very high human development index. These countries are usually regarded as developed. So if your country is in the category, you can travel to the United States easily.

To know more about this program, first you need to know if your country falls under the category of US government’s selected nations. If yes, then you should consult a well-known attorney in the United States, who has deep knowledge of the US immigration law. Try to find an attorney in the state or city you want to go, like an  immigration attorney in Los Angeles if you want to travel there.

Lawyers can help you know more about this program and how you can apply. They can also clear all your doubts related to the application process. Legal assistance is essential because rules related to this program may change. To avoid mistakes and disappointments, you need updates information.

However, you should also know that when you get a visa under this category, the program applies to all American states and the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico along with the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. So, it is a great deal especially if you are traveling to America for holidays or business. Get legal help and make your dream come true.


Tips To Choose The Right US Immigration Attorney in Miami

A good immigration attorney plays an essential role in the approval of your visa application. They will give you a quick and thorough assessment of your case as well as will explain you the available legal options based on the current law and changes that are in the legislative pipeline.

But, choosing the right immigration lawyer is extremely important. Here are some tips to choose the right immigration attorney for your immigration case.

Don’t bargain hunt

If you choose blindly, you will have to work with mediocre or amateur immigration attorneys. Some lawyers may be handling too many cases at the same time, thus they won’t be able to dedicate enough time for each client. Some might not even have enough experience in certain areas of immigration law. So choose wisely.

Get a referral

The best way to choose a lawyer is to use your own network. Ask around if someone you know have worked with with immigration attorneys. Choose a legal expert who has years of experience. A word of mouth advice is always beneficial.

Negotiate fees

Immigration lawyers have certain fees. However, some of them have fixed amount of fees for standard procedures, such as preparing and filing your case, and responding to requests for evidence. If they have good experience in your type of immigration case, they will estimate the time it will take. With this, you can be prepared for the procedure as well as for the expense.

If you are looking for an attorney in Miami, make sure you choose the best immigration attorney. And, ensure that they are a member of American immigration lawyers association too.