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Common Reasons Behind Visa Rejection in USA

Every year thousands of people apply for a US visa. However, only a few become successful. A number of visas are rejected due to many reasons. The reason behind the rejection can be anything related to documents or the interview.

Some of the common reasons behind the visa rejection are mentioned below.

Incomplete application – Applying for a US visa is a complex process and as a result, chances of mistakes increase. Many applicants fail to complete the visa process and make mistakes in forms. Additionally, a number of applicants fail to provide proper documents.

Financial disqualification – Financial situation is one of the main reasons behind many visa rejections. For example – in case of a student visa, if one is not able to pay for the course, the US government will not issue a visa. Therefore, you should have enough money or bank balance to afford your stay and pay necessary expenses while in America.

Interview issue – Applicants face a number of issues during their interview with the     counselor officer. If you fail to convince the officer about your application and aims related to visa, chances are that your application will be rejected. Therefore, make sure you answer everything clearly during your interview as any issue in the interview can lead to a rejected application.

Not meeting the requirements – A number of people fail to meet the requirement     standards. For example- a student’s visa may be rejected if his academics are low. Therefore, it is very important to meet all the     necessary requirements for approval.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons. However, if you want to ensure the visa approval, it is always better to consult the immigration lawyers in your city.

However, it is not difficult to find the best immigration law office in Miami with lawyers having thorough knowledge of immigration process. They can guide and counsel you so that your application is not rejected.