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Celebrities who Immigrated to United States

Every year, numerous people from different countries immigrate to the United States of America. It includes specialists, scholars, workers, students and more. But, do you know about the celebrities who have immigrated to America over the years.

Here are the names of celebrities from different countries and fields who immigrated to USA –

Ang Lee – He is a Taiwanese-born film director and producer. He is also a screenwriter. He is well known for movies like Hulk, Life of Pi and The Wedding Banquet. He obtained American citizenship through naturalization.


Charlize Theron – She is an actress and fashion model who was born in South Africa. In the year of 2007, she became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America.

Pele – Soccer legend Pele played for Brazil for years. He obtained an O-1 visa so that he could work as the Honorary President for the New York Cosmos soccer team.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – He is a Austrian-born actor, politician and former professional bodybuilder. It was his dream to move to America. He made this dream come true at the age of 21 by immigration.

Justin Bieber – He is a Canadian singer, songwriter and heartthrob of millions of fans. He has O-1 work visa, which is given to individuals with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics.

Martina Navratilova – She is a legend in Tennis and role model for many young tennis players. She has won numerous titles and championships in tennis. She was born in Czechoslovakia. She became a United States citizen in the year of 1981.

Sundar Pichai – He is the Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc. He was born in India. Today, he has the citizenship of USA.

Eddie Van Halen – He is an musician and songwriter who was born in the Netherlands. He moved to USA in 1962.

Freddy Adu – He was born in Ghana, but moved to United States of America at the age of 8 with his family.

There are many other celebrities and big names from different fields who moved to USA for various reasons. It includes Albert Einstein, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rihanna, Pamela Anderson and more.

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Don’t Get Stuck In Legal Immigration Complexities

Every year countless foreign nationals request for immigration to the United States, which is supposed to be a country of great work opportunities and better lifestyle. This is the reason people from various countries come here with a hope of better living.

However, the fact that a huge international population wishes to migrate to the USA makes it all the more challenging for people to pass the legal hurdles imposed by authorities before anyone could successfully enter this country and live here lawfully.

There are hundreds of formalities which must be completed by each foreign national to step in the land of the USA. The US government has strict policies and complex set of rules and regulations for immigrants. This makes the entire procedure of immigration quite complex.

However, the application for immigration to America can be made easy if the applicant chooses to work with one of the best immigration attorneys in Miami. Legal assistance is essential to get through various check points and tackle all the hurdles which are commonly faced by people while dealing with immigration authorities.

As a layman, one may not even know how to get started with the application. You may not know where to find the right form, where it will have to be submitted and what essential information to provide the government.

The paper work involved in matters dealing with immigration proceedings are mostly very complex and difficult to understand for layman. There are many deadlines that should be taken care of from time to time, if you don’t want to face any legal complexity.

By working with a lawyer you can rest assured that paperwork, submission of forms, and all the deadlines will be taken care of. There are more than one reasons, apart from paper work and deadlines for which people are advised to hire a lawyer.

Immigration rules are prone to updates and constant amendments. They are changing on a regular basis and no one but lawyers remain aware of those updates and changes. This knowledge is essential if the applicant wants to make those rules work in his favor and not against him.

Most of the lawyers have been dealing with immigration complexities for years. Having handled numerous lawsuits, they become aware of which problems are mostly faced by people.

This awareness and knowledge is what makes them avoid such problems from even happening. In short, if you want to avoid headache and smoothly achieve your legal goals, it is recommended to hire a lawyer.