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5 Qualities of an Immigration Lawyer that You Should Look for

Moving to a country like United States is a difficult task, as it includes lot of paper work and other formalities associated with visa approvals. On the other hand, complex US immigration laws are difficult to understand for a layman. Therefore, it does not matter whether you want a temporary visa or want to obtain legal permanent residence, you need to seek help from a professional immigration attorney.

However, when searching for the best immigration attorneys in Miami, it is vital to look for an expert of the industry with certain qualities such as below-

1. Experience– Immigration law is a complicated field, which is why it is crucial for your lawyer to have immense expertise in the immigration laws. Therefore, it is vital for you to look for an attorney that has the ability to handle various types of matters that include getting a green card, obtaining student and work visas, citizenship and naturalization, family visas, etc.

2. Credentials & References– Renowned and reliable lawyers always have properned and reliable lawyers always have strong credientals s it includes  credentials and strong references. Hence, you need to ensure that the professional you select has all required credentials and is a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). On the other hand, these lawyers also have a long list of satisfied customers and can provide you many strong references.

3. Professionalism – A lawyer known for his professionalism is an indication that you can count on him for best possible services. Thus, whenever you conduct your interview, be careful and notice that how professional he appears and acts. You should also check website of the attorney to see what impression it gives you.

4. Success Rate- Proven track record of a lawyer speaks volumes about his success throughout their career. Therefore, whenever you need a professional to handle your case, it is essential for you to know the success rate of the lawyer, especially while handling cases similar to yours. It gives you assurance that you are going to make a reliable choice.
5. Approachability– It is one of the most important qualities of a professional immigration lawyer. It may not be essential for success, but it can definitely make a lot of difference by allowing you to share all the required information with ease. Hence, you need to keep it in your consideration while searching for one.


Do you dream of working in America?

If yes, then your dream can come true! Applying for O-1 visa can make your dream come true.

To meet the visa requirements it is must for candidate to stand by all the criteria set by the government.

Candidate with extraordinary skills in the field of science, business, arts, and athletics can only apply for O-1 visa. Therefore, before applying for the visa, a must to ask question from oneself is do we have the ability in these fields of endeavor?

If the answer is yes, then there are certain things that you need to take into account. Following are few aspects that you will required to keep into mind-

O-1 visa is temporary work visa. It gives privilege to professionals like Actor, Singer, Dancer, Musician, Director, Songwriter, or Composer to apply for visa and work in America in their respective work field. Advantage of this visa is there is no subject of annual caps required, no need of labor certification, and no certificate for minimum wage needed.

So candidate who fulfills the above mentioned criteria’s need to meet certain requirements that are as follows:

  • Receipt of award won in excellence of field. It can either be national or international award.
  • Candidate must be membership of an association
  • A media person must have his published material in major trade of publications
  • Candidate with achievements in business related, scientific and scholarly areas must show their contributions in the respective field.
  • Show receipt of salary slip
  • A writer needs to show authorship of articles in journals  or media
  • Candidate working in law industry must be part of a panel or represented as a judge
  • Candidate must have the proof of employment
  • Keep track of commercial success being made on box offices, reviews, ratings, newspapers etc.

To meet the requirements of O-1 visa, it is necessary to provide aforementioned proofs. Taking help of O-1 best immigration lawyers in Miami or elsewhere is also advisable so that all necessary things can be taken into account.

However, finding a reliable attorney is quite a tedious task. This is because of numerous lawyers in the industry that makes it difficult for an individual to find a reliable source. Don’t go with sources that make big promises, but fail to deliver quality services. Therefore, while searching for a reliable source, research well, and then make a viable decision to find an experienced and reliable lawyer.