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How can you invest in U.S. and obtain green card?

Obtaining green card of the United States is not easy. But, investing $1 million in a business in U.S. can help make dream come true of getting green card of U.S.

Under EB-5 immigrant visa, an immigrant can become the green card holder of U.S. The holder can also obtain green card for their spouse and children, as well.

In order to obtain this visa, there are certain norms and conditions of EB-5 visa, that is as follows-

Capital investment
Under this visa process, investor requires to invest capital amount of $500,000 or $1 million. The least amount that is required to be invested in a project is $500,000. Another factor that needs to be considered with capital is location of project where it needs to be started. It is the rural area where unemployment rate is high.

The capital invested should also be in form of cash, inventory, equipment, tangible property, assets, cash equivalents etc. Besides these mentioned modes, investor cannot invest money in any other form.

Job creation
The business started by means of EB-5 visa should be able to create jobs for at least 10 U.S. workers. If this term is not fulfilled, then then there are lower chances if visa to be approved. The jobs are important to create within the two years of time when submitted the document.

New commercial enterprise
In agreement to above aspects, other reasons that are necessary to consider starting commercial enterprise include-
It should be a new project
It should be a commercial venture
The company should not be solely for proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, corporation, holding company, a business trust, or other entity.

Managing the new commercial enterprise
Investing is not the only job of investor, indeed he needs to manage the business as well. The investor need to be a part of the business via managerial control or via should mange higher authority like post of CEO.

From the above information, you must have got an idea what all aspects you need to keep in mind while making investment in U.S. to start a new business venture.

To obtain more information about EB-5 visa, you must contact immigration lawyer in Miami or elsewhere. They can guide and explain you better about the visa process, indeed help you successfully obtain the visa and green card.