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Want To Work In America? Get The Employment Visa!

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Workers, professionals and businesspersons from all around the world, immigrate to America for new opportunities. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handle all types of immigration of foreign nationals. Foreigner who wants to work in America can get employment visas. These visas are divided in five main categories, which are:

E1 – E1 is the employment first preference which is given to those foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in fields of arts, athletics, business, education, or sciences. This visa is also provided to the managers and executives of a multinational US based company. They should work at least one year with company before applying. Professors and researchers with at least three years experiences in their respective fields can also apply in this category. They must enter America to work in their field.

E2 – Employment second preference is given to foreigners with exceptional degree in the arts, business or sciences. People with baccalaureate or advanced degree are also included in this category after they get five years of experience in their field.

E3 – Employment third preference is provided to the professionals, skilled and unskilled workers. In professionals, those foreign nationals are included whose occupation in America requires baccalaureate or its equivalent degree. Skilled workers are those foreigners who got at least 2 years training and work experience in a certain field while unskilled ones are those whose occupation does not require any training or experience.

E4 – Employment fourth preference is a broad category. In this visa, some of the foreigners included are ministers of religion, foreign medical graduates, broadcasters, Iraqi and Afghan who worked for US government and religious workers etc. In this category retired NATO-6 civilians, their surviving spouses and unmarried children are also included. Former employee of US government in Panama Canal Zone, Panama Canal Company or Canal Zone Government can also apply.

E5 – Employment fifth visa preference is given to foreign investors who want to invest in America. Their investment must create jobs in USA.

However, before applying for a visa you need to get a labor certification approval from the Department of Labor first. It is responsibility of employer to get this certificate for worker. If you are confused about this procedure, then you can get the help of a professional immigration law firm in cities like Miami. Law experts working in these firms can help you in immigration. With their deep knowledge and experience, the chances of immigration increases.