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Challenges Of Migration To The US In 2014

America is the dream destination for people from the world over. While that should be seen as a good thing, there is an adverse side of it too. Keeping that it mind, the concerned departments of the nation ensure they have the most sophisticated migration rules, so that only the genuine could come to their country.

There are number of cases reported every year in the south of the United States of illegal migration from Mexico. There are around 10 million migrants entering United States from Mexico every year.

There are number of challenges, which unable an applicant to succeed in the process. These challenges are depicted below –

1. Number of applications is rising –The number of applications is rising on yearly basis. It clearly shows that applicants are eager to enter United States. It will become difficult for the authorities to handle this much of the rush of the applications.

2. Keep Moving –The ‘keep moving’ approach applies to immigrants. There are number of cases, where immigrants after entering The States move from one state to another. It makes difficult for the authorities to keep a track on these immigrants. That is why; the authorities are letting a small number of applicants enter in the country, so that a tight vigil is possible.

3. Illegal Entrants –There are number of cases, which came into light last year; the applicants often try to mislead and if they are unsuccessful in the same, they try to enter the boundaries of United States in an illegal manner. As a result, the authorities are taking stringent measures so that illegal migrants are unable to succeed in this type of idea.

4. Data Availability – The data mining of immigrants is neither correct nor accurate. Therefore, the authorities are unable to draw a sufficient data, which can actually help in revealing the facts about the immigration. This is because there are number of illegal immigrants entering our country.

There are number of developed countries, which are facing the issue of immigration. The illegal immigrant has made the procedure of legal immigrants a bit difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to take assistance from an immigration lawyer. There is large concentration of immigration attorney in New York City, which helps in streamlining and smoothing the process of immigration.

Day by day, the applicants are feeling that the procedure is becoming complicated. Therefore, a system should be in place, which is able to guide them. To bridge this gap, lawyers are making efforts to assist applicants.