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What type of benefits you will get on obtaining U.S citizenship?

Obtaining citizenship of the United States of America is not an easy task to do as immigration laws of the country limit number of people who can become citizen of America. Not everyone who wants to become citizen of U.S is able to fulfill his or her purpose due to criteria associated with this procedure.

There are many people who minimize their chance of becoming a U.S citizen due to inadequate knowledge they possess about obtaining citizen of U.S. Apart from this, to become a citizen of United States of America, you must qualify several conditions, out of which, the most important ones are as follows:

  • One should be at least 18 years of age.
  • One should have lived permanently in US for 5 years.
  • One should possess good moral character and should be loyal to the country.
  • It is essential to speak, read, write, and understand English language.
  • Individuals applying for U.S citizenship should possess knowledge of U.S constitution in addition to its history.

However, if you find it difficult to manage entire procedure on your own, it would be a fair idea to hire an immigration lawyer in NYC to get citizenship in a short period. Getting citizenship of U.S will give you an array of benefits; the most significant ones are as follows:

  • Right to vote

For participating in American democracy, it is necessary for you to have right to vote. This right you will only get by applying for citizenship.

  • Permanent US residency

Green card holder can also live permanently in US but in case, if they spend more time outside USA, there is a possibility that their right to live permanently in USA might get abandoned.

Those who obtain US citizenship can spend time easily outside USA, as their right to reside permanently in US will not get abandoned.

  • Eligible for public benefits

People living in US do not share equal rights and benefits. Those who live temporarily in the country do not enjoy benefits given to permanent residents. To get such benefits, obtaining citizenship is a basic requirement.

  • Can call family members to US

Only the permanent residents of USA can bring their family members or relatives to United States of America. With the help of different types of visas, you can file your application for bringing your family to U.S.

Therefore, you should take up legal activities to enjoy your stay and to obtain citizenship of America.


When do you need a lawyer?

Many people that are going through an immigration process find themselves in a situation where an advice from a legal expert is vital to come out of that situation. For the smooth processing of visa application, the support of a skilled and experienced legal representative is essential. This is because of the reason that they are familiar to the know how of complex immigration rules and regulations.

During visa application processing, some situations arrive whereby it becomes difficult for a non-professional to handle that situation. Due to lack of knowledge and strategies needed to make a case effective, sometimes an individual miss the chance to reach the target.

If you have chosen the United States as your dream destination to live in, you have to go through an immigration process that end up either by allowing you to move to the US or by denying your application request. During entire application process, an individual will go through court speaking, interviews with high authorities, presentation of essential documents etc.

It is important to inform you that each step of your application is critical to obtain visa or entry permission to your dream nation. A minor mistake in your speaking in front of court and in documents can take a person far away from his/her goal. Even, in some cases, individuals may experience permanent ban on their entry to the country.

In order to prevent you from coming in clutch of such situations, the involvement of a skilled lawyer becomes vital. So if you are planning to apply for visa to move to the America, make this thing sure that you have expert legal representative at your side.

Besides, there are many situations, in which the guidance and time-to-time involvement of an immigration attorney work wonders. If you applied for green card and for making your move permanent, the assistance of an immigration lawyer is important to make you case strong from every aspect.

If your name is involved in a criminal case, there are greater chances for your application request denial. Hiding such matters from immigration department can result, later on, in your exclusion from the country. In such situations, the importance of skilled lawyers in areas like NYC becomes integral. Lawyers are well known to the tricks and strategies that can make your case effective. They are skilled enough to make your case representation sound at the same time by smartly hiding the points that can make your case weak.