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How do I become a naturalized citizen of U.S.A ?

If yes, then to help you out I have few things to share with you that will make you aware about the facts related to naturalization of U.S.

What is the eligibility criterion?

People who are above 18 years and older, they can only apply for naturalization visa. However, persons who are under 18 years but have acquired citizenship from parents, they can use the Application for a Certificate of Citizenship to document their naturalization. While children who are adopted, they can use the Application for a Certificate of Citizenship on the behalf of adopted child naturalization.

Who can help you get naturalization?

An expert naturalization attorney in USA can only help you get away through the process of naturalization and make you the citizen of U.S.

What are the requirements for it?

The general requirements to fulfill the process of naturalization comprise of:

  • Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years old. If in case, they are less than 18 the law office should be contacted in that case.
  • Residency: Applicant should come lawfully in United States. This means an individual must have his or her residency proof. Immigrant needs to provide an alien registration receipt card for this purpose. Further are few things that comes in residency proof:
    • Lawfully admitted as a permanent residence
    • Permanent residence in U.S. for at least 5 years
    • Out of 5 years, immigrant needs to be physically present in United States for at least 30 months
    • Needs to be residing in the state or district for three months
    • Should have good moral character. This means, immigrant should not be involved in any crimes, legal turmoil’s, gambling, smuggling, drinking case etc. if in case, immigrant is involved in any of such case, he or she must disclose his facts to visa authorities because if immigrant is later found guilty then he won’t get another chance to reapply for naturalization visa.
  • Attachment to the constitution: Principles of the constitution of the United States must be followed by applicant.
  • Language: Applicant applying for naturalization visa needs to be good at reading, writing and speaking ordinary English language. However, applicants who are exempted from this requirement are those who fall into the following categories:
  1. Residing in Unites States for 15 years or more
  2. Residing in United States for more than 20 years
  3. Physically or mentally not fit that restricts immigrant from being fluent in English

Informational guide to apply for O-1 visa

O visas are non-immigrant visas that are meant for only those people who want to do a temporary job in the United States.

The US government awards O-1 visas to foreign nationals who possess extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. Besides this, immigrants can also be a part of motion picture or television industry.

Categorization of O visas: O-1, O-2 and O-3.

  • O-1: Individuals who have extraordinary ability in science, arts, education, business, athletics, motion picture or television industry they need to apply for this visa, if they want to work in in U.S. and in the area of their interest.
  • O-2: There are times when helpers are required by immigrants who fall in the category of O-1 visa. To accompany those individuals with O-1 visa holder, there is need for them to apply for O-2 visa.
  • O-3: Individuals who are the spouse or children of O-1s or O-2s immigrants they can accompany with them after getting O-3 visa.

Providing documentation of extraordinary ability

Immigrant needs to prove the evidence of his or her extraordinary ability in science, art, education, business, or athletics. For this, the applicant needs to show some evidences to O 1 visa lawyer in NYC, so that he or she can help immigrant obtain the visa:

  • Receipt of national or international award in the field of extraordinary ability.
  • Membership in a respective field of extraordinary ability. The membership doesn’t mean simple involvement. Immigrant needs to show his or her achievements as a member.
  • Evidences of the authorship of scholarly articles in the field of media and journal profession. In other words, articles need to be published in a professional journal or other major media.
  • If an immigrant who is professional writer or publisher, he or she needs to show evidences of published material in a professional, major trade publication house or other major media.
  • If applicant is a judge then he or she needs to show his evidences as being a judge of a panel.
  • Teachers or lecturers who want to work in U.S. they also need to show their original scholarly or scientific contribution in the field of education.
  • If a company has called an employer to work in U.S. for a project for that, too evidence is needed to be shown. The evidence will show the proof of one being employed in an organization.

What benefits can you avail from a immigration law firm?

Anyone or everyone cannot immigrate to United States. There are lots of rules, dos-don’t that are must to be obeyed, and criteria that are needed to be fulfilled in order to become a citizen of States.

This call for a best immigration lawyer of NYC who will guide the immigrants throughout the immigration process, help make them aware of different types of immigration visas, forms and documents that they would need for filing the petition and lastly the step by step methods of visa immigration process.

Following are the benefits that immigrants can avail from the lawyer:

  • Basic visa preparation: The foremost thing that a lawyer would do is help prepare immigrant with the documents and paper. Legal papers like Affidavit of Support, visa forms and other related documents that are compulsorily required to file for the visa petition, those all things are taken care by the lawyer.
  • Personalized attention: Law offices usually accept handful cases, so that personal attention is provided to each of the client’s case and sure-some results are delivered to them. This eventually ensures each client that they will get personalized service from the immigration law firm whom they have chosen.
  • No discrepancies in fees: As discussed between the immigrant and lawyer regarding the fees, there wouldn’t be any discrepancies, thus, once immigrant has become the client of the lawyer and signed a contract, there would be no further changes made in context to fees.
  • A sigh of peace: As lawyer would look after the case of immigrant personally, immigrants can have peace and leave everything over the lawyer. They need not have to worry about their case as the entire things would be taken care of by the lawyer. Right from the documents till visa approval, all things would be handled by the lawyer himself. In a nutshell, not even an ounce of worry is needed to be taken by the immigrant.
  • Easy on your pocket: Different law firms or attorneys have different modes of payment. Some may ask immigrants to pay monthly and some may ask to pay the half fee. No matter whatever is the mode of payment, immigrant turn out to get a cost effective way as no law firm asks for the entire fee right in the beginning. Thus it helps give immigrant time to get the whole fees ready by the time case is about to get over.

Are you interested in investing $1 million in U.S.?

If your answer is yes then you must apply for EB5 immigrant visa. It is a business visa that will help out to go U.S. and start your business there.

However, attaining visa is not that easy as it may seem too! There are numerous dos and don’ts that might hinder your way. In such case, you must look for an immigration lawyer of NYC that will help you out in obtaining the green card.

As lawyer would be experienced in the field of immigration law, therefore, there is no doubt that your case is in the safe hand and you will get all the required information that is necessary to gain for getting the visa.

Following is the information that the lawyer will provide:

Capital investment

To start a business in U.S. an immigrant needs to invest certain amount or capital. Approximately $500,000 or $1 million is required by immigrant to invest.

The capital money would include cash, inventory, equipment, tangible property, assets, cash equivalents etc.

Furthermore, the mode of money cannot be in form of loan. It should be solely personal investment of the immigrant.

Investment area

Likewise, certain amount of capital is required to start a business; the area of project is also needed to be decided. An immigrant must go for rural area, so that those areas can also develop by the time.

Employment aspect

To get EB5 visa, immigrant needs to employ at least 10 U.S. workers in his business enterprise. This is necessary as it is a major part for getting visa approval.

Requirements to set up a new commercial enterprise

Basic requirements essential to set up commercial enterprise are as follows:

  • It should be a new project that helps in developing the rural area and adds to the value of country.
  • It has to be a commercial venture. No other small scale business is allowed to open.
  • The project must comprise of proprietorship, partnership, joint venture and corporation etc.
  • It can either be publicly or privately own.

Management of enterprise

Investment of money is not the only criteria of immigrants when starting a business in U.S. They also need to see to it that proper managerial control of business is carried out.

If interested in starting a commercial enterprise in United States, then contact an immigration lawyer of NYC that will help make your dream come true.